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Simplify your life

One app to conveniently manage the lifecycle of all the things you care about.

Say Hello to ConvenienceIntroducing DXCard.

The end to all your product and services management worries is just a DXCard away

NHANCE NOW is your personal Digital Manager which serves as your one stop hub to automate the post purchase journey of all the things you love. Its powered by an advanced AI engine and works 24/7 to give you the best possible ownership experience. It’s your gateway to convenience.

Meet your Super Powers

See how you can upgrade your convenience levels


One place
for everything 

Manage everything (well almost!) under a single digital roof. Every DX card is personalised with documents, invoices, self service videos and everything else which is important to have the best ownership experience.


Personal AI Manager

Simply add your favourite products and services and transfer the responsibility of managing the post purchase journey to an intelligent automated system. 


Smart Recommendations

An army of smart bots take over every DX card you create. They help you with timely tips, suggest the best care plans, discover the best accessories and quick answers to your queries. They know what you need!


Exclusive offers and rewards

Every DX card is your gateway to a privileged club. You get the best offers in town, jaw dropping rewards and other privilege benefits which are sure to bring a big beaming smile on your face. 

The outpouring of love isOverwhelming

See how DXCards are changing lives everyday

Bots and Live Video
New instant support channels

“For a single man like me it’s a delight. I can get the best resolution for my queries without having to worry about an outsider’s intrusion to my private space.”

- A typical young professional
  • Request assistance
  • AI Bots provide first level response
  • Escalates to support agent
  • Remote Live video support
  • Safe, secure and instant resolution

Automated discovery of the
best add-ons

In a city life time is a luxury. To find time to look after my favorite products is impossible. DX Cards are a boon for me. They are my goto virtual assistant and my product care-takers!

- Urban Dweller
  • Purchase product
  • Receive interactive DX Card
  • Discover accessories, care plans, ongoing offers
  • Simple one tap purchases
  • Protection, value addition

Smart recommendations are
easing customer’s lives

HECTIC! One word which sums up my daily life. DX Cards are my second brain. They do all the background work for me, curate the information and present it to me. All I have to do is press the YES or NO button. Bingo!

- Everyday Professional
  • Bought a product
  • Missed buying a protection plan
  • AI Engine finds the best extended warranty plan
  • Actionable notification reminds in nick of time
  • 1-tap purchase Product protection extended

Digital assets are improving ownership experience

My friends always think I have got more expensive products with better capabilities. In reality I just know all the secrets about my products!

- Winner at the coffee table
  • Receive fully loaded DX Card
  • Instructions, entitlement knowledgebase, educational assets
  • Discover new ways of getting more out of your products
  • Better value for money
  • Improved ownership experience
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